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SZTAKI Cloud project has started

The SZTAKI Cloud project has started today.

The project has two main goals. The first is the research on clouds as distributed computing systems and the second is to develop and to deploy an institutional cloud infrastructure based on the results of first goal that allows the significant improvement of the local IT infrastructure. This new cloud based infrastructure will be significantly more effective and more cost efficient than the former infrastructure built on traditional conceptions and individual specific servers. This new improved institutional infrastructure could even be the first milestone in a global academic paradigm shift.

A cloud can provide an automatic resource allocation mechanism for a service or for an IT system in case of the allocated resources are running out. The SZTAKI departments ILAB (Informatics Laboratory), ITAC (Internet Technologies and Applications Center), DSD (Department of Distributed Systems), and LPDS (Laboratory of Parallel and Distributed Systems) intend to exploit this capability of cloud:

  • The laboratory ILAB intends to research the possibilities of the dynamic extension of their Hadoop system.
  • The department DSD intends to research the dynamic resource extension of SZTAKI Dictionary.  
  • The department ITAC intends to resolve the asynchronous scale-out of their UIMA-based word processing system.
  • The department LPDS intends to adapt their gUSE/WS-PGRADE Portal (used in several European grids) to cloud and to make it scalable

Furthermore, the WS-PGRADE/gUSE Portal would be an underlying solution to establish a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) based platform service.  With the help of this SZTAKI platform, researchers can use flexibly scalable clusters established in the cloud to solve processor-intensive issues. The access to the cloud will be supported by the ITAC framework that is successfully able to establish VOs (Virtual Organizations). 


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