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First release of Occopus cloud orchestrator

SZTAKI is happy to announce the first official release of Occopus. Occopus is a framework that provides automatic features for configuring and orchestrating distributed applications (so called virtual infrastructures) on single or multi cloud systems. Occopus can be used by application developers and application controllers to manage virtual infrastructures at deployment time and at runtime as well as to create and provide complex virtual infrastructures to be built by one click even by novice cloud users.

The official web page can be visited at: http://occopus.lpds.sztaki.hu/

There are ready-to-use tutorials for Amazon and also for clouds via CloudBroker Platform.

Occopus can easily be connected (or integrated) to various applications via its REST interface.

For user support please visit the Occopus forum at http://community.lpds.sztaki.hu/ where for example you can get detailed information on how to use Occopus with Amazon.

We hope you will find useful this new tool by which complex virtual infrastructures could be deployed in clouds and we are looking forward to your comments and feedbacks.

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