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Acknowledgement for MTA SZTAKI members at the newest release of OpenNebula

We are proud to inform you, that MTA SZTAKI appears again in the acknowledgement section of the latest version of OpenNebula v4.0.

As you all may know, our collegues contribute to the OpenNebula develpoment more and more since the institute has started to work on the SZTAKI Cloud project. After the project members agreed that an OpenNebula based system is the best solution to achieve the amis of the project, they figured out that the solutions they give for the special scenarios can be useful in other situations as well, so they continually return these solutions to the OpenNebula team - and most of their source codes are part of the recent OpenNebula versions.

This time not only the MTA SZTAKI is listed on the acknowledgement section, but a few colleagues are mentioned by name: Márk Gergely (LPDS), Mihály Héder (ITAK) and Tamás Marlok (ITAK).

Dear guys, Congratulations on your achievements!

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